DATA AND POC LISTING FOR MARYLAND CONGRESSIONAL DELEGATION                                               

 Last Update: 4 Apr 2021


The Honorable Benjamin L. Cardin; 509 Hart Senate Office Building; Washington, DC 20510 [Sr. Senator] (202) 224-4524   

Chief of Staff: Chris Lynch;   

Legislation on Military/Vets: Stephen Ham;      

Scheduler: Debbie Yamada;   

(updated 12 Feb 2020)  


The Honorable Chris Van Hollen; 110 Hart Senate Office Building; Washington, DC 20510 [Jr. Senator] (202) 224-4654    

Chief of Staff: Vacant

Legislative Director: Sarah Schenning; phone: 202-228-0693

Legislation on Mil/Vets: Spencer Knoll;    

Scheduler: Liana Pardini; or

(updated 13 Mar 2020)


The Honorable Andy Harris; 2334 Rayburn House Office Building; Washington, DC 20515-2001 [Dist. 1] (202) 225-5311   

Chief of Staff: Bryan Shuy;

Legislation on Mil: Tim Daniels;   

Legislation on Vets: Travis Trejo;   

Scheduler: Victoria Cesaro

(updated 22 Aor 2021)


The Honorable C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger; 2206 Rayburn House Ofc Building; Wash, DC 20515-2002 [Dist. 2] (202) 225-3061   

Chief of Staff: Tara Linnehan Oursler;  

Military Legislative Assistant: Elliott Phaup;

Military Fellow: Vacant  

Scheduler: Victoria Graham;

Staff Assistant: Daniel Clayton;

(updated 18 Dec 2019)


The Honorable John P. Sarbanes; 2370 Rayburn House Ofc Building; Washington, DC 20515-2003 [Dist. 3] (202) 225-4016 

Chief of Staff: Dvora Lovinger;   

Legislation on Mil/Vets: Raymond O'Mara; Raymond.O'    (temporary)

Scheduler: KellyMoura;

(updated 4 Apr 2021)


The Honorable Anthony G. Brown; 1323 Longworth House Office Building; Wash, DC 20515-2004 [Dist. 4] (202) 225-8699

Chief of Staff: Maia Estes;  

Legislation on Mil/Vets: Jonathan Rayner;

Dir of Defense and Aerospace Initiatives: Ben Wolff;  

Defense Fellow: Vacant

Scheduler: Karina Gallardo;

(updated 3 Apr 2021)


The Honorable Steny H. Hoyer; 1705 Longworth House Office Building; Wash, DC 20515-2005 [Dist. 5] (202) 225-4131     

Chief of Staff: Alexis Covey-Brandt;  

Legislation on Mil/Vets: Jim Notter;    

National Security Advisor/Leadership Office: Daniel Silverberg

Scheduler: Bridgett Brennan; & [Direct Line: (202) 225-3130]

(verified 13 Feb 2020)


The Honorable David Trone; 1213 Longworth House Office Building; Wash, DC 20515-2006 [Dist. 6] (202) 225-2721    

Chief of Staff: Andy Flick;

Legislative Director: Christina Tsafoulias;

Legislation on Mil/Vets: Christina Tsafoulias;

Scheduler: Matt Pastore; Matt

Communications Director: Hannah Muldavin;

(updated 3 Apr 2021)


The Honorable Kweisi Mfume; 2163 Rayburn House Office Building; Wash, DC 20515-2007 [Dist. 7] (202) 225-4741   

Chief of Staff:  Eric Bryant;

Legislative Affairs: Kierstin Stradford;

Legislation on Mil/Vets: Kierstin Stradford;

Scheduler: Kia Pearson;

(updated 25 Feb 2021)


The Honorable Jamie Raskin; 412 Cannon House Office Building; Washington, DC 20515-2008 [Dist. 8] (202) 225-5341   

Chief of Staff: Julie Tagen;

Fellow for Vets Affairs/Military Issues:  Paul Grimm;  

Scheduler: Josie Feron; 

Chief Counsel: Holly Idelson; 

(updated 13 Mar 2020)